Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TweetDeck supports Lincr

TweetDeck is a new AIR-based Twitter client that's shaping up to provide a really solid experience that advanced (or "prolific," to quote @Gauravonomics!) Twitter users like me would really benefit from. If you've been following me on Twitter, then you already know what I've got to say about TweetDeck!

I'm happy to announce that TweetDeck has included Lincr in it's list of options for URL shortening, which also include Bitly, and, of course, TinyURL. This is great news for all you Lincr and Twitter users out there as it cuts out one step from the way!

So go get TweetDeck v0.15.2 and Adobe AIR (if you don't have it already)!

Thanks @iaindodsworth and @alisondodsworth and @mixdev for letting me know on time that @tweetdeck was looking for the Lincr API!